Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Technology Autobiography

I took the test on line I am a connector and this is my story.......

I am taking the Harnessing Power of the Internet Summer Institute with Nancy Anthony with many of my peers in Marblehead. The Picture to the right is “me” and Nemo surrounded by some of my peers. Many of which really do know way, way more about technology than I do. Yes, that's me, Dory in the blue!! See Picture ....................................................................
My own children call me Dory! They have called me Dory since the movie came out years ago. I must remind them of Dory in the Movie for sure. Dory and I do have many characteristics that are alike, although I hate to admit it! Dory is a smart, bright, funny, cheery young lady fish with a lot of pep and enthusiasm, that keeps on going and never seems to stop! Sort of like me, I guess. She does tend to forget many of the important things in life. Following directions for one, getting from one place to another is one of our joint personality traits; the truth is always hard to hear.
Dory is a character in the movie "Finding Nemo". Dory has a short memory and has a hard time in finding her way in her world. Maybe I am like Dory, I to am a little A.D.D., but never have I been diagnosed. Maybe, Yes! That is in the world of technology and parenting. I am technology challenged that's for sure. I get totally LOST and never know what I am doing. I get overloaded unless I use the program enough to remember what I am suppose to do next. DID I SAVE IT?
I, Do get lost and have a hard time finding my way but on the other hand I have tried to connect in the world of Computer Technology since the early 1980's. I am still trying to find my way to make connections daily. I do get connected and disconnected and some times unplugged at times, "I' am a Dory". Listen to her song at the end of this Blog.
In 1981 or 82 I think it was, I wrote a technology grant and received about 14 thousand dollars that enabled me to buy computers for our family and consumer science department and Marblehead. I bought 4 computers in all. Gave two to the Middle school and kept two at the High school. I have logged on to the computer every day since then.
I took last years Internet course and had a lot of fun making connections. I find that there is a lot to learn and I did remember a lot from last summer. This course seems to have a lot more information in it this year and I like to keep learning. That’s why I am back again this summer. I feel like I am a repeat OFFENDER!! But that is what it's going to take to keep me connected. I have my own lap top at home and use it everyday. I want to learn how to create a web page that is user friendly for me to up date as well as interactive for my students. I am hoping to learn enough to get started on this project this summer.
I use word, excel, grade keeper, web mail, Yahoo mail, surf the net, download, upload, cut, paste, save, print, attach, and have created a BOLG or two. The most important thing for me is to follow the “Dory” check out the Video and let me know what you think.

So I Keep on Swimming, Swimming, and Swimming! Does anyone else feel like me?

KME, Family and Consumer Science / Wellness- Marblehead High School


Mrs. Bowden said...


I enjoyed our time commiserating today. I was happy to help you - I learned a few things also. It's great to see the results of your efforts. Keep on swimming!!!


KME said...

Thanks Denise, I took the time to comment on everyones page but I have yet to hear for any one other than you Thank You.... I will keep on swimming......