Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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I read this article and feel that technology does play a huge part in the education of young people today. Even educating the educator plays a huge part. Like this course is doing for me this week I sure do need it. Thanks again Nancy.

Educating the students parents will be more time consuming today. I agree with Mr. November that it is important to have the student be part of the assessment process and well as the learning process for education to be valuable. I would like to incorporate some of these points in to my teaching and assessment of students as I develop my web page for marblehead.
I would also like to include points that include, the most frequently asked questions from parents, list goals for every course, examples of past student's work, recommended homework assignments for the entire year so parents can see what is expected,
hot button connections to other sites on the Web that support learning, and research projects.
I hope others find this article as interesting as I did.

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